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Fento 200 Original Knee Pads


Fento 200 Original Knee Pads

The Fento Original Knee Pads. The Ergonomic Wedge ensures the correct distribution of pressure across the lower leg, which prevents knee and back complaints. It has an improved fit which takes on the shape of your own knee after a while, giving even greater comfort, flexibility and ergonomics. The FENTO ORIGINAL is exceptionally wear-resistant and has a broad, flat surface for extra stability. In addition, this product has a replaceable inlay for when it needs to be replaced (the support offered by the inlay reduces after repeated use) so you need not buy a completely new knee protector. The product is waterproof except for the inlay; it consists of a combination of both breathable and waterproof materials.

£79.95 ex VAT 20% (£95.94)

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