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TotalCheck 3-1 Moisture Meter


TotalCheck 3-1 Moisture Meter

TotalCheck 3-1 Moisture Meter

TotalCheck, three-in-one meter offers scan and pin moisture modes and a thermo-hygrometer that measures ambient Temperature and RH and calculates Dew point and GPP.

High levels of ambient humidity can be warning sign at inspection jobs, and RH is also a major concern when installing a floor over a concrete sub-floor. To address this concern, the TotalCheck with S-3 was designed to conform to the ASTM F2170 standard to determine RH in a concrete slab, using in-situ probes. With TotalCheck, you can feel confident that your concrete floors have dried adequately.


  • Bright, clear digital display.
  • Pin Mode:
    5% – 60% wood scale.
    Corrects for 69 individual wood species and temperature. (ºF and ºC)
    0.1% – 6% drywall scale.
    0 – 100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials.
  • Built-in connector accepts any Delmhorst electrode.
  • Scan Mode: 0 – 300 numerical reference scale.
  • Thermo-hygrometer with RH sensor:
  • Temperature Range: -40ºF – 255ºF (-40ºC – 124ºC)
  • Relative Humidity Range: 0% – 100%.
  • Dew Point Range: -40ºF – 176ºF (-40ºC – 80ºC)
  • GPP Range: 0.1 – 3820 GPP (Grains Per Pound)
  • Sensor can be used for in-situ concrete testing following the ASTM F2170 standard.
  • Store up to 1400 readings with date and time stamp.
  • View stored readings on screen.
  • Organise readings by job for easy reference.
  • Optional software lets you download readings to your computer and generate Excel reports.
  • Size: 22 x 9 x 4.5cm (8 1/2 x 3 3/8 x 1 3/4″)
  • Weight: 312gr. (11 oz.)
  • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use.
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case.
  • 9V battery.
  • 1-year warranty.

£840.93 ex VAT 20% (£1,009.12)

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